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19. dubna 2024

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3D Measuring Methods in Transportation

Course code      CTU25
Responsible lecturer      Ing. Zdeněk Svatý, Ph.D.


3D Measuring Methods in Transportation explores the application of modern measuring techniques in transportation and civil engineering. Through a combination of theoretical lectures and practical fieldwork, students will gain insights into various spatial measurement methods, including geodetic measuring, laser scanning, and photogrammetry. The course emphasizes hands-on experience to understand the strengths and limitations of each method and enables students to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.

Course information

Upon completion of the course, students will

  • Understand the principles and applications of geodetic measuring methods, laser scanning, and photogrammetry in transportation and civil engineering projects.
  • Understand the advantages, limitations and suitability of various approaches for data acquisition, processing, and comparison.
  • Be able to choose appropriate approach for given tasks and desires outcomes.


Basic proficiency in AutoCAD and Excel software is required.

Course Exam

The course assessment includes a review laboratory report evaluating students' practical application of the learned methods.

Course Start Schedule and Location
  • Start Time: 9:00 AM / 12:00 Lunch break / 15:00 End
  • Location: Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Department of Forensic Experts in Transportation (2nd floor, right, near the elevator) – students will be let into the building based on signature at the reception desk
  • Address: Horská 2040/3, 128 03 Prague 2 (map)
  • The closest tram station is Albertov (Google Maps has integrated the Prague public transport system so take advantage of it)
  • Schedule (Dependant on the weather conditions)
    • Mon – General introduction, stake out preparation
    • Tue – Geodetic field measurements
    • Wed – Laser scanning till approx. 14:00 (NTM visit)
    • Thu – UAV Photogrammetry, Close-range photogrammetry
    • Fri – Processing of spatial models, finalisation of reports (Official dinner)

    Course Logistics
    • The majority of our sessions will be held at the aforementioned location. However, please be prepared for some field measurements and dress accordingly for outdoor activities during spring/autumn weather (e.g. be able to spend whole day outside, get through slight rain)
    • While you're welcome to bring your laptops, please note that certain software used during the course may have license limitations. However, all necessary tools and equipment for practical sessions will be provided.

    Conditions for successful pass
    • Cooperation in group work (students will work in groups of three/four)
    • Mandatory attendance
    • Submission of brief reports for all performed measurements and processed data

    Additional Information
    • Students are encouraged to take advantage of networking opportunities and seek support from instructors for any questions or concerns related to course material.
    • In case of inclement weather or unexpected disruptions, alternative arrangements will be made to ensure the continuity of the course schedule.

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